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S-75 M3 "Volhov" System

The system is designed for all weather ground-based air defense against aircraft, sub-sonic attack missiles, balloons and other air targets. Exceptionally, it can be employed as a ground attack weapon.
The system entered the Romanian Air Force inventory in 1964 and underwent three successive modernizations until the 80s. It is equipped with an autonomous search radar which works in conjunction with a radar altimeter and has its own tracking and fire control radar.The system has low capabilities to intercept Theater Ballistic Missiles.

Basic elements:
  • surveillance radar (target acquisition);
  • fire control radar;
  • 6 launchers (a single 5la23 missile each).

Missile tachnical data:

- Length: 12,7m;
- Diameter: 50cm;
- Wingspan: 18,2m.
- Missile weight: 2450kg;
- Warhead weight: 295kg.
- Maximum target speed: 1100m/s;
- medium missile speed: 789m/s;
- Low/high altitude: 0,15 - 30km;
- range: 64km.
5Ia23 Missile
5Ia23 Missile

Command and control module
Command and control module

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