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Gap Filler Radar

Ministry of Defense made the decision to develop airspace surveillance system and underlying infrastructure. That is why DoD started in 2002 an acquisition program of medium and low altitude gap-filler radars. The contract involves Lockheed Martin and UTI Systems, and several local sub-contractors.
The first stage of the program was accomplished in December 2004 and comprised the development and delivery of two prototypes (currently fielded at Hoceni and Ianca) and also the transfer of technology necessary to locally build 21 radars.
"Gap Filler" Radar is a 3D system used for air surveillance, air traffic control, ground control intercept and target cueing of surface-to-air missiles.
It is protected against ECM and automatically feeds data into the Air Force C3 system. It can be remotely controlled.

Gap Filler Radar
Gap Filler Radar

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